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Webhook auto deploys

Posted: 02-12-2023

Hello all!

I've set up a webhook for a userscript. The code is hosted on Github.

The problem is that after I'm creating a new release the script doesn't update on GreasyFork.

From the Github log, the webhook runs on every deployment but I'm getting a response from GreasyFork "No scripts found for this release."

The repo on Github contains 3 files:

- index.user.js

I couldn't find a recommended file structure for GreasyFork.

Any help on that?

Posted: 02-12-2023
Edited: 02-12-2023

Note that Greasy Fork only capture modified rather than created files.

For aliyundrive-rename, there is already a file in dist. When there is a new release, it will update the dist file automatically. (modified)

For Ex124OJ, it uses no file (master branch) + two commits to make the modified event for every update.

For Tabview-Youtube, it uses placeholder file (master branch) + one commit to make the modified event for every update.

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