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More tracks stuck, won't get to 100%

Скрипт: Vk Media Downloader
отредактировано 8 Feb Раздел: Обсуждения скриптов [?]

Hi EisenStein,

Thanks for v2.0.2 of the script but I just found some more tracks that don't finish downloading.

Browser: Chrome 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit), Tampermonkey
Debug is set as 1. Let me know if you need more info.

Track 1 (Doesn't reach 100%)

Track: Reflekt - Need to feel loved (Adam K Soha Vocal Mix) (feat. Delline Bass)
Duration: 6:37
URL: https://vk.com/search?c[per_page]=200&c[q]=Reflekt Need to feel loved Adam K Soha&c[section]=audio
Screenshot: https://clip2net.com/s/3ZGtxrb

The downloader gets to 77.5% and goes no further.

Track 2 (Script won't download, but audio IS available on VK..?)

Track: Eli Brown - Tech This Out
Duration: 5:45
URL: https://vk.com/search?c[per_page]=200&c[q]=Eli Brown Tech This Out&c[section]=audio
Screenshot: https://clip2net.com/s/3ZGu0bB

This is a strange issue as the audio is available. When you click the track title (https://clip2net.com/s/3ZGucpr) link: https://psv4.vkuseraudio.net/c815525/u199484577/audios/6ab6d5ad4ea7.mp3?extra=fkAFOy11zKRzCXGKBTtYJPbvkJi8lohENqQV8kT60yUTZtVW2Z1QtEISvYhgdj983Yfem-93zbxwCU1E3bdEePSHA9QDn0EfS2W62j3vRVzIB7xAFlIl2_m47VfK_V_SxtBoUMg3fLD2IIi0ZzBIPt1a the audio is there but the script isn't allowing the user to download.

Let me know if you need any more information.


  • I think, I finally found the reason. Fixed it in v2.0.3
    Thanks for your reports.

  • I hope I fixed the 2nd problem. See v2.0.4

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