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Selection and Copying Restorer (Universal)

Deblocați clic dreapta, eliminați restricțiile de copiere, tăiere, selectare text, meniu clic dreapta, copiere text, selectare text, clic dreapta pe imagine, etc. Îmbunătățirea funcționalității: Selectați textul unui hyperlink cu tasta Alt.

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Postat în: 02-04-2024
Editat în: 02-04-2024

[new request] The script doesn't work on, a Korean webnovel site that blocks selecting and copying text and regularly checks for any tampering. If it detects tampering, it redirects to their warning page at, which says "warning: Your current browser has a plugin installed that allows force copying of text [...] Please disable the plugin before using the service." (google translate)

Test it here: It's a prologue chapter URL of a fantasy novel (no registration needed to read the prologue chap).

This kind of special site I cannot do anything right now. I can add it to whitelist if you want. This needs a separate script to handle it.

Postat în: 04-04-2024

I understand this one is too difficult/time-consuming for now. Thanks for at least considering it.


Postat în: 05-04-2024

Thank you a lot. After enabling Enhanced build-in Alt Text Selection and Repetitive AuxClick Prevention, copying text is finally working.

But the site's script still detects tampering and redirects to, fortunately there's a brief window to copy text before the browser redirects to the warning page, so I'll manage with that for now.

Postat în: 06-04-2024
Editat în: 06-04-2024

Updated again.

Just checked that it was not working in Firefox. fixed now.

If it is still not okay, please tell me which browser you are using.

Postat în: 06-04-2024

Thanks a lot. Yes I'm using Firefox, and the script's working fine now.

FF often has a bunch of issues. Unrelated, but another script I tried had problems with Firefox's CSP security, the script's author straight up said the only way to get it working is to disable CSP for that specific site.

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