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Image Host Helper

Directly upload local / rehost remote images or galleries to whatever supported image host by dropping/pasting them to target field

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 17-01-2021
First of all, this is a brilliant script - thank you!!

I have a small request though:
It would be good if the "auto lookup photo" feature could be disabled with a switch - I don't like uploading some random image that it finds, I want to pick my own, sorry!
Posted: 18-01-2021
The artist images found aren't random - they're looked up by artist name on few sites where they're expected, but you're right the photos found aren't always relevant and that's why the preview is there. Not a big deal though (wrong image can be quickly ditched by doubleclicking the input field, or replaced by byhand inserted source). I'll add the option in next update.

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