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Posted: 14.08.2017

Farming Plot Bug

If you have bought the farming plot donation perk, and then the perk runs out the icon showing that the plots are ready to be farmed is stuck on the On position. I have a green farming tab that never stops being green. Is there anyway to fix this?
Link is a shot of what I am talking about.

Posted: 16.08.2017

Oh, I've never thought about that.
I'll try to address and hopefully fix this issue in the next update.

Thanks for your feedback :)

Posted: 17.08.2017

Also when you use a new boat, Sailboat for example, the other boats still have a green bar at the top of the screen showing they can be used.

Posted: 23.08.2017

That's an issue of DH2QoL.

Posted: 23.10.2017

You going to fix the farming bug? Been a couple months.

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