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DH1 Fixed

Improve Diamond Hunt 1 and fix some inconsistencies

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DH1 Fixed

This script is intended to fix some issues and add some useful features to Diamond Hunt Online (DHO).

If you are interested in some improvements in DH2, go to DH2 Fixed.

Feature List (may not be complete)

  • Highlights the missing requirement for crafting recipes in the crafting, brewing, exploring, magic (in essence crafting too), cooking and farming panel
  • Unifies the dialog of machinery for switching power (for the dialog of the sand collector) and adds the machine name and a repair button to it
  • Unifies tab appearance (every tab has now a title and approximately the same distance between tab title and tab content)
  • Fixes text filter on market to stay filtered after offer update
  • Fixes selected smelting bar to stay selected when smelting amount is changed
  • Fixes image path and item duplicate in market when creating an offer
  • Fixes requirements of the seed potion (requires 5 dotted green leafs instead of 1 to mark the recipe green) and the mining potion (requires 50 blewit mushroom instead of 100 red mushroom)
  • Fixes alignment in key items (the oil pump and its successor items are no longer off grid) and inventory of the brewing tab
  • Fixes number formats to be consistent (using a comma as thousands separator)
  • Hides already crafted recipes which are pointless for the user (inferior furnaces, ovens, wands or staffs and items which are already binded)
  • Hides inferiour equipment up to gold level (promethium, runite and dragon stuff remains visible)
  • Hides "N/A"-prices of items in the inventory (e.g. for star dust crystals)
  • Hides recipes of maxed machines
  • Changes dialog buttons to show text corresponding to the action performed by them (e.g. replace "OK" with "Cancel smelting")
  • Moves the roots to the magic tab
  • Adds a notification box for finished coop tasks like the harvest box above the tabs
  • Adds sub tabs for some tabs (this can be disabled in the settings)
  • Expands the crafting recipes of the equipment (helmet, sword, body and legs) and hides inferior recipes (if setting isn't turned off)
  • Remembers the close state for server message (every new message will be shown - is saved per browser)
  • Changes order of seeds in farming tab to be coherent (in planter, seed inventory and when clicking a farming patch)
  • Changes the appearance of the chat: adds tabs for pms; improves readability of messages; changes the toggle buttons for auto scrolling and showing timestamps into checkboxes (to show the current state of that option)
  • Improves the exploring dialog (appearance) and show the currently required energy and time based on the current equipment
  • Improves performance of level calculation (binary search tree combined with simple result caching)
  • Changes the default option for sounds to off (they can be turned on again in the settings)
  • Shows notification for:
    • finished furnace/farming patch
    • returned explorer/rocket/robot/fishing boat/large fishing boat
    • vendor changing his items
    • getting an achievement
    • completed group tasks
    • some other server messages if the window/tab is not visible or has no focus
  • Has settings for (settings are stored per browser):
    • changing the seed ordering
    • changing the sand collector dialog
    • hiding "N/A"-prices
    • using the fast level calculation (technical; can be disabled, in case there are problems)
    • hiding some already crafted recipes
    • hiding inferior equipment
    • improve captions of dialog buttons
    • expand crafting recipes of equipment
    • new item style
    • new key item and machinery style
    • hiding recipes of maxed machines
    • new chat style (pm tabs and more subtle timestamps and usernames)
    • adding sub tabs


Most changes are captured and commented in the scripts history.