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Add menuitem into browser context menu to darken the web page. For Firefox 11.0 and newer only.

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Posted: 05.03.2014
Edited: 06.03.2014

Conflicting with Menu Editor

Sorry, LouC, the script doesn't work for me. See the shots:

before script


after script/restart:


See how it shows all menuitems, including those hidden by EM and those that don't even suppose to show by default (like Play sound?)... but nothing like 'Darken' or something like that i'd expect.
Fx 28b8
Scriptish 0.1.11

Posted: 05.03.2014
Edited: 05.03.2014

Works fine on Fx 30.0a1 Nightly, Scriptish 0.1.11

Posted: 05.03.2014
Edited: 05.04.2014

Yeah, it works for me in a clean profile. Might be a conflict with Menu Editor, can't think of anything else.
But i installed the CB button. I had one, modified to hide a tab context on a click instead (don't ask me what i did, i just looked at its code and can't figure what it was! ... ). And now i have this one too.
Anyway, if somebody else get's the same, might worth asking if they use ME 'cause i think it might be the prob but not willing to test in another profile.
Thanks anyway! I'm changing the thread title.

I've found it:
var css = '@namespace url("' + xulns + '");\
#main-window[stylish-domain="' + domain + '"] #browser {\
background-color: rgba(10,10,10, .5) !important;\
#main-window[stylish-domain="' + domain + '"] #content {\
opacity: 0 !important;\

Posted: 06.03.2014
Edited: 06.03.2014

It's known ME's bug.

Menu Editor makes HTML5 context menu not showing

Posted: 06.03.2014

I see. I'm good with the button, thanks!

Posted: 06.03.2014

Thanks, LouCypher ... love the script!

Posted: 05.04.2014

Doesn't work for me on a clean/fresh FF 28 profile.
Tested both with Scriptish & Greasemonkey.

Posted: 21.05.2014

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