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Vk Media Downloader

Скачать музыку, видео с (ВКонтакте) без использования внешних сервисов

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작성: 2022-09-17

I think it makes sense to additionally use GM_registerMenuCommand (if GM_registerMenuCommand exists in the userscript extension's context (typeof GM_registerMenuCommand === "function")) to make opening of the settings a bit more obvious and easier. Just a minor improvement.

Anyway thanks for the working UJS.

작성: 2022-09-17

Also add any signal (like the button blinking, color changing, or something else) that a file is successfully saved to the disk.

Currently it just has progress bar of downloading, but it saves the result file to the disk only after some seconds.

작성: 2023-10-08

Added "settings" item to context menu.
Added activity animation to progress bar.
see v3.8.0
Thanks for your feedback

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