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Deleted user 168745
작성: 2018-08-09

Tumblr No Longer Working

Was working fine last night, but seems to not be today. I'm using Firefox Nightly if an update might have something to do with it.

작성: 2018-08-11

Me too,hope this problem can be solved.

작성: 2018-08-12

I can also confirm it is no longer working

작성: 2018-08-14

Problem 1: the regex of


doesn't seem to work with urls like

So it can't even change smaller version to _1280 version.

I modified it to


Problem 2: _raw doesn't seem to work any more.


None of these work.

작성: 2018-08-15

Tumblr have confirmed that they deliberately disabled the downloading of raw images. I would encourage anyone to raise a support case with them and complain.

Deleted user 168745
작성: 2018-08-15

Well this is just ridiculous... why would they take it away?

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