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Resize Image On "Open image in new tab"

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작성: 2017-10-13

Tumblr use best resolution

This link does not redirect to raw version. It just stays there. Manually changing it to raw gives an error 404 not found. Changing it to 1280 does not result in error.

The script should look for the best version. If it's not available, it should look for the next best version. Thank you.

작성: 2017-10-13
수정: 2017-10-13

I am getting the same problems!
I guess they changed URL strings?

There are still URLs like this however
So not everything is changed

작성: 2017-10-13

This thread that does something similar found an cause too

"It turns out that the raw images are being stored in "" now instead of "".

This doesn't work:

But this does:"

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