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작성: 2017-10-01
수정: 2017-10-02

Blank page instead of resized image with Waterfox+Greasemonkey

This works fine for me on Firefox (43) with Greasemonkey, but I am moving onto Waterfox (using v55 at the moment) with Greasemonkey, sometimes the links work but oddly sometimes a page is completely white when opening a link from a page, even if I refresh the page or manually input the url!

I have to disable the script, refresh, and the page will then load. It's crazy, and I can't really tell what's going on but it is definitely with the script.
I also tried this with a fresh profile with the browser and the script only, but it still did not work.
Could it be Greasemonkey?

I tried using the script with Tampermonkey, and it works fine on that, but I am trying to stick with Greasemonkey

Keeping the script disabled on a image url that will be redirected by the script will load, enabling it and refreshing the page will redirect me, but the image will not resize. It will stay the same size from the previous url

작성: 2017-10-01

Maybe it is the browser. I am not so sure. it actually messed up with another script too without this one present

작성: 2017-10-02

Well, I tried it in Firefox Developer Edition.
It seems to be about the newer versions of Firefox releases
Or it's messed up with Greasemonkey

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