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I want to occupy the whole display at document-start (i.e. before page load)

작성: 2024-04-11


I want to add an element at document-start (i.e. before page load).

I have a userscript which utilizes the library Dark Reader and is loaded at document-end;

I have an issue of "a jarring flash of white light" upon page load.

I was thinking of using this userscript as a template, yet I am not familiar emough with MutationObserver, and my attempt has failed.

This is my most recent attempt:

(function initDimmer() {
  //document.addEventListener("loadeddata", () => {
    let cvr = document.createElement(namespace + '-cover'); = '#333'; = 'fixed'; = 0; = 0; = 0; = 0;
    //while (!document.body) {
      setTimeout(console.log('wait'), 500);
      if (document.body) {

(async function activateDimmer() {
  //document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", async function() {
    //let cvr = document.querySelector(namespace + '-cover');
    //while (!cvr) {
    //  if (cvr) {
    //      cvr.remove();
    //  }
    //document.querySelector(namespace + '-cover').remove();
    try {
      if (await GM.getValue('dimmer')) {
      } else {
    } catch (err) {
      console.warn('Greasemonkey API GM.getValue appears to be missing!');

Please help.

작성: 2024-04-12

I used a library to help me with that

작성: 2024-04-28

hacker09, please help me.

I have added the library and replaced line: (async function createButton() { by'bodyloaded', async () => {.

Line })(); has changed to }).

작성: 2024-04-28

If I'm facing this problem, I'll simply use my lib and then wrote the following code:

// @require  

async function displayCover() {
    const body = await detectDom('body');
    const cvr = $CrE('div');
    const hideCvr = () => cvr.remove(); = 'left: 0; top: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; position: fixed; background: #222222; z-index: 999999';
    cvr.ondblclick = hideCvr; // If anything went wrong, double-click to remove cover.
    document.readyState === 'loading' && document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', hideCvr);

But you might not willing to use a personal lib which is not stable. So try this one if you like, or follow the documentation of MutationObserver if you'd like to code without any external dependencies.

작성: 2024-04-30

hacker09 and PYUDNG, does any of you want to take charge if Dimmer (Dark Reader) userscript?

I need time to make tests and observations which I am not willing to do now, while I want to complete this task.

작성: 2024-05-01
수정: 2024-05-01

It looks like my script, short simple, and good.
I am not sure either if I would have time to test and update it, but if you want me to, sure.

작성: 2024-05-02
수정: 2024-05-02

if you want me to, sure

Yes. Thank you.

I generally use command line, text browsers like Lynx and also Gemini/Gopher browsers, so I do not make an extensive use of my own userscripts, aside from "Paper Clip" sometimes.

I make userscripts in order to fill gaps that some "extensions" provide (e.g. "CleanURLs" and "Newpaper"), and I also despise some sort of regulations - foisted by software vendors - which happen to contrast people's privacy.

So, the more people to replace me in the responsibility of these userscripts the better.

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