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[TS] Linx Amender

Generic tracking/redirection/open-in-new-tab removal; Amend page title; URL redirector; and more power functionality. Has rules for Pixiv, deviantArt, twitter, youtube, blogger, Batota etc.

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** NOTE: Information thread on Linx Amender Version 4, which is in development Stage **

Linx Amender is a powerful script that allows you to alter the page content using regular expression and rules. It's settings can be accessed through the GreaseMonkey menu or by pressing F9. The Online Rules can be access by pressing Online Rules Button. First time the button is pressed the rules are downloaded, then every seven days it updates the rules.

NB: This replaces [TS] Title Amender & [TS] Direct Outgoing Links. You can import their settings if you export them using their latest version.

(Order Changed From 3.0.19) It has 6 different types of rules:

  1. URL Rules that allow you to redirect page (Does not work in iframe)
  2. Title Rules that allow you to change page title (Does not work in iframe)
  3. CSS Rules add styles to a page
  4. Script Rules
  5. Attribute Rules that allow you to amend, delete or add node attributes
  6. Click Rules that simulate mouse clicks

The order of rule execution is the same as the list above, with Attribute Rules/Click rules applied at the same time.

As of date, Online Rules are provided for the following sites: deviantArt, Pixiv, Youtube, Blogspot, MangaUpdates (Baka-Updates Manga), Batota, Twitter, Voltairenet... and few more.


Version 3.0.19, introduces asynchronous link parsing. This solves a lot of hanging issues that are causes by large web-pages. It also fixes an issue caused with a number of sites that use iframes and ajax, which causes start lag with parsing using the MutationObserver. Problem is solved by using a several delays before turning on the MutationObserver.

Known Issues

There are a few problems with G-Chrome settings being lost, especially with Online Rules list being truncated. The reason for this is unknown. It maybe due to TamperMonkey or Chrome. My advice is to a better browser like FireFox :D. If desire not to move, just copy the Online Rules and everytime you want the latest Online Rules press ctrl+F9 to bring up the settings window while downloading the latest Online Rules.


Hotkey F9       - Brings up settings window
Hotkey Alt+F9   - Brings up settings window + ForceUpdate

Online Rules URL Default:

Default Online Rules can be set using GM_setValue
GM_setValue("OnlineRulesURL", "https://newlocation/LinxAmenderRules.txt");

You can disable the "Online Rules" periodic checking by setting the value to "disabled".

Online Rules as of 2015-12

  • ***Tutorial*** Showcasing Node Rule Expressions
  • [Generic] Open links in same page (remove _blank)
  • [Generic] Redirect to secure channel (http to https)
  • Baka Updates Manga: IRC Links
  • Before Its News: Direct External Links
  • Blog: [1] NCR Redirect to COM TLD {Blogspot, Blogger}
  • Blog: [2] COM Bypass Content Warning
  • DeviantArt: Add Gallery Link to Deviants Watching List
  • DeviantArt: iframe source is converted to https when browsing in https
  • DeviantArt: Internal links are converted to https when browsing in https
  • DeviantArt: Removes Mature Warning from Thumbnail Tutorial [1444147375105]EnabledRun FirstEditCopyDeleteTitleFireFox: Prefix Image Resolution to title
  • Kickass: No Blankrefer (Direct IMDB Link)
  • - Remove image overlay
  • Pixiv Direct External Links
  • Pixiv Link Cleaner + Same Tab
  • Pixiv Visible Visted Links
  • Pixiv: Click Close on promotion offer
  • Pixiv: Illustration Readjust
  • Pixiv: Personal Bookmark Recommendations BGC
  • Pixiv: Remove Blurred effect from thumbnails
  • Pixiv: Ugoira Convert to APNG
  • Pixiv: Ugoira Convert to GIF
  • Pixiv: Ugoira Convert to WebM
  • Pixiv: Ugoira Convert to XNG
  • TESNexus: Redirect to Oblivion Nexusmods
  • Voltairenet: Show Choosen Language Listings - Default English (Attrib Version)
  • Voltairenet: Show Chosen Language Listings - Default English
  • Youtube: Direct outgoing links
  • Youtube: Highlight Visited Links
  • Youtube: On all sites, embeded YT Videos are played in HTML5 instead of Adobe Player
  • Youtube: Removes Playlist in Channel Video Links Click to toggle the Guide DWACSTUXSort

Known issues and bugs

There is a bug with iframe that has to do with GreaseMonkey 2.1 and FF31+. More information found on GitHub issue #1997.