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Taking Linx Amender 4 Suggestions

edited December 2015 in Development Firefox

I've been working on Linx Amender ver.4 for a long while now. Changes are being made to the rules and the interface to make it more accessible. I am sure most users do not know that they can merge certain same type rules by selecting and pressing ctrl-m, and that's why changes are needed.

If you have any suggestions that you would like to see the next major release, please let me know.

Here are items are going to be part of version 4.1

  • URL Cleaner (New Rule): Cleans the page URL without redirection. Useful for certain sites like Google and NexusMods.
  • The current 6 rules will be merged into 4. Total rules become 5 once you include URL Cleaner.
  • Ability to store and use values in Node rules. Useful when trying to copy an attribute value to another.
  • Cleaner interface with less styling
  • Major overhaul to the way rules are created.
  • Ability to export all local rules to a file
  • Clean-up of all current online rules and trying to add a few more. Will add more examples for end-user learning purposes.
  • Save the size of textarea (Requested here)
  • Toggle main dialog by pressing F9 (Requested here as Esc)
  • Merger of Online/Offline rules listings with appropriate filter
  • Ability to change hotkeys

The 5 rules in order of execution are:

  1. URL Rules
    • URL Redirector (executed first)
    • URL Cleaner (executed after all URL-Rs)
    • Title Rules
    • CSS Rules
    • Script Rules
    • Node Rules (executed according to user listing order)
      • Attribute: Amend, Create(Replace) and Delete
      • Node Click
      • Node Property access. Very powerful if you know what you are doing

    So if you have any suggestions, input them now.

    NB: Please force Update your current Linx Amender, as the Table Library that was used for drag and drop had a major bug in it. You can manually replace the library if you know how


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