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IG Helper

Downloading is possible for both photos and videos from posts, as well as for stories, reels or profile picture.

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Pubblicato: 27/08/2020

Hello there. Great script! Could you please make the script include the Instagram profile username as a prefix in the saved photo filename e.g "118213472_361933802376130_976936670898963643_n" becomes "mickey_mouse_118213472_361933802376130_976936670898963643_n"? It would really help with sorting out photos.
An update or even simply letting me know what should I change in the code would be great. Thanks! :)

Pubblicato: 27/08/2020
Modificato: 27/08/2020

This feature has been added to version 2.1.0.
By the way, this feature ONLY working you checked "DDL" checkbox in website header.

Update script version and enjoy it!
Thanks for your suggest.

Pubblicato: 18/08/2023


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