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IG Helper

Downloading is possible for both photos and videos from posts, as well as for stories, reels or profile picture.

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Instagram Download Helper (IG Helper)

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▪ Multiple post download options:
 - Force to fetch all resources in the post
 - Directly download the resources in the post with one click
 - Directly download the resources currently displayed in the post with one click
▪ Fetch high-quality photos or videos through the Media API
▪ Disable video looping
▪ Download user profile picture
▪ Provide scroll buttons for Reels pages
▪ Automatically modify and control the playback volume of all video elements
▪ Redirect to a user's profile page when right-clicking on their user avatar in the story area on the homepage

How to Change Settings

1. Go
2. Check your Tampermonkey extension
3. See following:

Hot keys

ALT+Q - Close pop-up window
ALT+W - Open the settings menu

Developer Statement

1. All code development and testing are based on the Chrome browser and the extension Tampermonkey.
2. Due to the framework and personal differences used in Instagram development, the page layout and node names presented by each person may be different. Therefore, all development and testing are based on the pages I have seen, which may cause a few people to The script does not work, please forgive me.

Contact & Donate

If you want to contact me, you can join my discord server: " " and then calling my discord 5026.

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