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Mostra i testi delle canzoni di su Youtube accanto ai video musicali

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Recensione: Male - lo script non funziona

Pubblicato: 08/04/2023

Not seeing any lyrics whatsoever

Pubblicato: 08/04/2023

Which Youtube video doesn't work?

Pubblicato: 23/04/2023
Modificato: 23/04/2023

The current version is generic that would not be affected by the changing YouTube Layout Design.

(Please understand that YouTuber's engineers are changing their layout design but no released in the same time for all users)

Please also try to use TabView Youtube. It might help!?

And also see whether there is any error message in console (Ctrl+Shift+J)

rokoe, please do not just give bad review and said not working.

You have to tell us the browser and OS environment, and the steps to reproduce the issues.
Obviously it is not due to the general issues but the specific problem on your side.

You have also given bad review in my following script.

I hope that you can come bad and do some follow up. Don't just say bad bad bad and leave the discussion.

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