Disable YouTube AutoPause

"Video paused. Continue watching?" and "Still watching? Video will pause soon" will not appear anymore.

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Review: Bad - script does not work

Posted: 2023-04-29

Doesn't work

Posted: 2023-04-30

rokoe, I don't know what happen to your browser.

In the another script which I have contributed (here), you also said not working but without any screenshot, browser name, browser version, OS, etc.
How can the developer can help your case?

In both YouTube Genius Lyrics and this script, I have just tested and found them still working.
I played YouTube in background for 6 hours and the trying pause messages appear in the 3rd hours.
It can still play until I pause it.

For YouTube Genius Lyrics, you are the only one reported such issue. As there is nothing provided, we cannot reproduce or test.

Do not just give bad review and say "Doesn't work" and leave!
I believe there are some issues on your computer.

And just remind that, this script is for "www.youtube.com" only. I have recently created another script for YouTube Music.

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