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1337X - Upload page improved

Improves the upload page. Let's you set up default descriptions for categories and other defaults like title, tags etc. and more

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Default values for Uploads

This script lets you set up default descriptions for categories and more in the Upload section of 1337x.

You can set custom default descriptions for each category and type.
What this means is that you can have nice, easy to fill templates for each of your categories.
When you change the category your description will automatically change to the right template for that category.

The features are:

- Default title (e.g. you could set it to your tag, so you don't have to type it in every time)
- Default Language
- Default Tags
- Default Description (Global default. Category specific descriptions will override this)
- Ability to save descriptions for specific categories.
- Option to hide the info boxes above the upload torrent box
- Option to set a custom height for the description box
- enable/disable reminder

Using this script no longer requires any script editing to change options.
All options are on the page.

Currently you cannot set default categories as the site uses an overly complicated system for the category drop down. I might make that option later, but it will take a lot of work for something relatively small...

Changing the subcategory/type will instantly change the description if there are any saved for that category. However, when changing the main category there is a delay before the subcategories load, so the description change has to be on a delay. Currently the delay can be changed manually if need be. It is 2 seconds by default.
If you're confused about this delay business, don't worry, you likely won't notice anything. Just let it be as it is.

If you need help or have any sort of feedback or ideas, PM me(NotNeo) on 1337x or WWT

Tested on:
Waterfox 56.0.3 (Firefox based),
Firefox(Nightly 59.0a1),
SlimJet (Chromium based),
Chrome 63.0.3239.132


-Added functionality for default sub categories.
This was an absolute nightmare. The dropdown menus are complicated and I had to pretty much re-make them to make it work. It takes like 80% of the code to do this small thing. If you're having any problems with the script it has likely to do with this. Let me know if you do.

-All functionality fixed. (on firefox) (Not working on chrome or Opera)

-Removed default main/sub category functions that were causing all kinds of problems.

-Now works on Chrome.
-Added option to set description text box height.

-Added the "Update" box above the upload box to the "showOnlyUpload" setting. (i.e. only the upload box is shown when showOnlyUpload = true).
-Added support for new .st domain

-Re-wrote most of the script. All options are now on the page. No need to edit anything in the script to change settings anymore.
-Added support for .ws domain


-Added missing author

-Added support for Greasemonkey versions 4 and up

-Changed reminder prompt() to confirm() (no useless textbox)

-The script will now run on all current and future 1337X domains (1337x.*)

-Changed back to just the existing domains. For searchability reasons mostly

-added .se domain

-added support for .is domain

-added gd domain