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1337x - Torrent page improvements

Makes titles longer on the torrent page and optionally enables the detail box when available.

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This script makes the titles longer and adds options for the torrent page.

Options to:
Hide "Play Now (Stream)", "Anonymous Download" and "Direct Download" buttons.
Enable the detail box.
Show an IMDb link button in the detail box.


For some reason the torrent titles on 1337x get cut short:

As you can see there is plenty of space! So lets use that.
With the script:

There is still a limit of course. The title will get shortened if it won't entirely fit.
Even then, it will be shortened so as much as possible is visible.

Another weird thing. If signed in, the detail box for movies/TV is hidden???

Lets fix that. With the script:

If you would rather not see the detail box, you can change the option from the settings page on 1337x:

There's now an option to show an IMDb link button in the details box.

If the torrent description contains an imdb code anywhere in it, the rating will be shown and the button takes you to the movie page. If not, then no rating is shown and the button takes you to the search results page for the title. If there is no details box the imdb button is only shown if the code is found.

The IMDb button is still there and works as before, but the rating fetching seems to work when it feels like it...

I've also made a script that adds subtitle download links to TV and Movie torrent pages.

Currently not compatible with Greasemonkey 4+. Use Tampermonkey instead.

If you need help or have any sort of feedback or ideas, PM me(NotNeo) on 1337x or WWT

Tested on Chrome and Waterfox(firefox based)