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Space-efficient Youtube

AKA: "Wide Youtube", AKA: "Wide video container" - Uses the page space on youtube more efficiently (especially good for high resolutions)

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Posté le: 01/11/2022

Youtube has recently fucked things up again, and so videos pages on channels are 4 videos a row. If you could fix this (when the change shows up on your end, if it hasn't already, more A/B testing bs I believe) that'd be superb.

Posté le: 14/11/2022

I think it's not actually limited to 4 per row technically. YT (not my script) scales it depending on the space available. It does seem to cap at 6 per row though. (You can test this by zooming in and out in the browser: CTRL + Scroll wheel)

The video containers have gotten larger though (I think?). There currently is no option to adjust the containers in that section. I might add that option and otherwise see what I can do to improve that page later.

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