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Space-efficient Youtube

AKA: "Wide Youtube", AKA: "Wide video container" - Uses the page space on youtube more efficiently (especially good for high resolutions)

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Space-efficient Youtube

== Script mostly broken! ==
The broken parts of the script are piling up as YT continues to make new changes. I have decided to make the script unlisted for now, since frankly, I can't recommend using it in its current state. The changes YT has made make a lot of the features very difficult to fix. YT is using partially obfuscated and generally mysterious CSS variables and JS methods quite aggressively to force the page to behave as they want it to. I will likely rewrite this entire script focusing on only some of the core features at some point in the hopefully near future.

Uses the page space on youtube more efficiently
(especially good for high resolutions)

Especially on high-res monitors the default youtube container is ridiculously narrow, but even on 1080p using the script can mean more videos on screen and less space wasted.

Home page

Before - After

- Option to hide the channel icons next to the videos on the home page from the settings.
- Option to enable video container size modding. Due to how YT now renders the videos on the home page, I can't use all the available space efficiently on all custom video container sizes using only CSS. I made a JS solution that responds to newly added video rows instead. Because of this, you may see some weird behavior with new rows of videos as they get loaded in, but they should settle neatly almost immediately after. If you do not want to change video container sizes, you can leave this feature disabled (which it is by default) to avoid the mentioned issue.

Trending page

Before - After

Subscriptions page

Before - After

Search page

Before - After

Video page

Before - After

Choose how many columns of videos to show at what size.
Currently only affects Theater mode.

Channel page

Before - After

Now automatically expands video lists

Old layout

Before - After

Other Features:
- Set a bunch of video section and container sizing settings as you see fit
- Fade++ Compatible. (was. Not tested since many versions ago)
- Load high quality thumbnails on Subs/Trending pages

Find the settings in the Tampermonkey menu.

Hover over any option in the settings to get more info about it.

Known Problems

  • The new chapter system should now fit unless you have not disabled the video "badges" (4K, CC, etc.). -> workaround: disable video badges from the script's settings
  • multi-column recommended videos are not working in non-theatre mode on video pages. -> Workaround: Use theater mode or be happy with one column lol
  • Video titles are cut short (title stops like this...) if the video container isn't large enough. -> Workaround: Set a larger video container width in script settings. Also, if you just want to know the full title of a video, you can hover over the title
  • Search results page video container sizing options don't seem to be working properly. -> Workaround: set default values from the script's settings

Youtube likes to make their HTML/CSS systems as complicated as possible and do a lot of changes, sometimes even making said changes for only certain countries to test things, so things do occasionally break... Known problems will be fixed when I have time and motivation to do so.

See the "History" tab on greasyfork to see version update notes.