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Moves the video description to the right of the video, adds options for smaller video, retro player, retro style, and more

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Review: OK - script works, but has bugs

Posted: 2014-06-24


I haven't used this script in a long time. But the last time I used it, it was almost flawless and uncanny.

Now things look very quickly put together. Things are misaligned or disproportionate. Too much liberty has been taken with some things. There are also no longer any stars or any old players to choose from. In fact all of the general options are missing.

You can no longer scroll through the related videos, they're all just in one static column like they usually are on modern YouTube. The script used to put them into a box which you could scroll through while watching the video, much like on old YouTube. Now the script doesn't even do that.

Has somebody else taken over this script? Because the quality is shocking compared to what it once was. Please overhaul and salvage it. This script used to get a 9/10 or even a 10/10 from me. Now it quite honestly gets a 4/10 or 3/10. It doesn't make the watch page any better. It used to be utterly fantastic though and an essential for me.

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