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Adds links and data to to make it collaborate with PGC

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Adds links and data to to make it collaborate with

Some (most) features are for paying members at Project-GC only.

* Requires Greasemonkey to run in Firefox.
* Requires Tampermonkey to run in Chrome.

Existing features:
* Add to/remove from VGPS form.
* Adds Favorite points (FP/FP%/FPW).
* Adds challenge checker links if a checker exists at Project-GC.
* Adds address for the coordinates (Google reverse geocoding).
* Clones number of logs per type to the top.
* Add a "latest logs" to the top.
* Add links to Profile stats for cache owner.
* Add links to Profile stats for every profile in the logbooks.
* Adds a copy friendly link to the geocache page, and copy friendly gccode.
* Adds link to Project-GC gallery.
* Minor adjustments to tidy the web.
* Remove rot13 decrypt widget.
* Remove "Description" text.
* Change some spacings.
* Adds country/region/county data from Project-GC.
* Show the real cache owner name after the "placed by".
* Add links to PGC profile gallery for each name in the logbook.
* Add links to gallery from bookmark lists, from geocache pages.
* Add links to plot bookmark lists on maps, from geocache pages.
* Add links to Profile stats for bookmark list owners, from geocache pages.
* Autodecrypt hints.
* Add metres above mean sea level.

Planned features:
* If unread message exists at, show so at
* If unread news exists at, show so at

Known issues:
* Project-GC settings dialog should use the user-expanded class if possible.
* Project-GC settings dialog should close when clicking outside of it (when that works, remove the cancel button).
* Project-GC settings button doesn't show the arrow properly.
* Project-GC settings form doesn't have the correct css on .
* Project-GC settings form should be more organized.

The client side script (this script) is MIT licensed (license file commited in repository). However, the server side API is property of Ground Zero Communications AB.

* Idea and initial work: Jonas "lillfiluren" Högström.
* Cleanup and actually make things work properly (cross browser compatible): "Surfoo".
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