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YouTube Center contains all kind of different useful functions which makes your visit on YouTube much more entertaining.

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YouTube Center is YouTube Center comes with many features, including the ability to download videos, repeat videos, change the default quality of the video to be played by default and etc.
YouTube Center is designed to look as much like YouTube's design as possible.


YouTube Center is a userscript, which has been made into an addon for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Maxthon.

It's recommended to install the addon for your browser.


Make sure that you have Greasemonkey, Tampermonkey or Violetmonkey installed to actually be able to use the userscript version. It's is discouraged to install the userscript natively in Chrome as that makes a few features unavailable.

To install YouTube Center just click on the green button, which says "Install".
You can find more information about YouTube Center on its wiki.


Firefox AMO


The Chrome addon needs to be installed by going to the extension page and dragging the Chrome addon file (.crx) into the extension page. Note that you also have to have enabled developer mode to actually be able to use the Chrome addon.
Chrome addon


For Opera there are two versions.
One for older versions of Opera <15>Chrome addon mirror.

Also it is hosted on the Opera addons.

For Opera <15>
Opera Legacy


To install YouTube Center on Safari. You need to install the Safari addon, which can be found here.

Internet Explorer

To install YouTube Center in Internet Explorer follow this tutorial by Awesome Donkey.


To install YouTube Center on Maxthon you can either install the addon or Violetmonkey and then just install the userscript.

The Maxthon addon can be found on Maxthon Extension Center or through the mirror.




If you want YouTube Center to be in your language and are able to translate it from a language YouTube Center supports to your language, please contact me and I will give you the information needed for you to translate it.


  • HTML5 Support
  • Move the buttons on the YouTube video page.
  • Download the video in different formats and qualities
  • Repeat the video
  • Change language
  • Remove advertisements
  • Prevent auto play/buffering.
  • Choose your prefered quality to be played by default
  • Auto hide controlbar and/or progressbar.
  • Enable/Disable Annotations
  • Scroll to player
  • Change default volume
  • Mute as default
  • Always repeat video
  • Player shortcuts outside the player
  • Turn Light On/Off

You can find a more detailed explanation about the features in YouTube Center here: Github Wiki.

You're always welcome to give me suggestion, critic and compliments.

Google+ Page

Facebook Page

If you only want the download button, download YouTube Center Download Button.

If you find anything you think can be done better please let me know and I will take it into consideration. If you also find any bugs or have any new ideas please let me know.


A list of all the translations and translators can be found here.



  • Added option to have a gridview for the collections too (related to the `Grid subscriptions` option).
  • Added option to change the URL of the YouTube logo.
  • Added option to hide the text of the repeat button.
  • Added YouTube Experimental tab to the debug category. In that tab it is possible to select the available YouTube layouts.
  • Added prefix and suffix to range elements in the settings.
  • Added option to choose to only view the highest quality for either DASH or non-DASH formats in the Video Thumbnail.
  • Added a save notification in the settings. It is located in the right bottom corner.
  • Added an option to add a darker background behind the player.
  • Added an option to change the height of the rating bar for both the video thumbnail and the one below the player.
  • Added a lazy load option for the country flags. So it will only load the country data when it's needed and not everything all at once.
  • Added Antarctica flag. Note that Antarctica don't have an official flag. So the flag that is used is The Graham Bartram design.
  • Added color presets to the color picker.
  • Added option to change the color of the rating bar.
  • Added core functionality for subtitle download.
  • Added core functionality for comment filtering.
  • Added a warning when the `Click through` option is enabled and the opacity of the overlay is 90% or over.
  • Added the ability to scroll up to exit the `Fullscreen Top Player`.
  • Added an option to enter the `Fullscreen Top Player` when a video has been started.
  • Added an option to exit the `Fullscreen Top Player` when a video has been paused.
  • Added an option to exit the `Fullscreen Top Player` when a video has ended.
  • Added an option to prevent the player from switching to the `Share` tab when the video has been liked. This includes setting it to switch to another tab.
  • Tweaked the quality selector to have two separate methods for the HTML5 player and the flash player, because they each use different methods.
  • Tweaked the filename tags to have the prefix `0` for numbers from 0 to 9.
  • Tweaked the ads removal a little.
  • Tweaked the `Fullscreen Top Player` feature to better detect scrolls. This fixed the issue with smooth scroll including when the mode is activated it will not show a scrollbar.
  • Fixed an issue where YouTube Center didn't work as intended in Scriptish (Scriptish is not recommended, use the add-on or Greasemonkey).
  • Fixed removal of the endscreen.
  • Fixed the HTML5 player where the video wouldn't fill the whole player.
  • Fixed the comments.
  • Fixed the SPF
  • Fixed an issue with the new experimental layout.
  • Fixed the error message appearing on the video thumbnails.
  • Fixed YouTube embedded videos compatibility.
  • [Chrome Extension] Added an option button, which will go directly to the YouTube Center settings.
  • [Firefox Extension] Fixed an issue where YouTube Center didn't work when the cookies has been disabled.
  • [Firefox Extension] The Firefox extension is now restartless.
  • [Firefox Extension] Added translators to the install.rdf file.
  • [Firefox Extension] Added an option button in the add-ons page, which will go directly to the YouTube Center settings.

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