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Helpful things to do the ProductRnR adult content hits

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A few things to help with the ProductRnR adult content hits.


sets all images for "non-adult" or "No Watermark" right away.
n: next picture
p: previous picture
h: mark "Hardcore"
x: mark "Explicit"
e: mark "Educational Nudity"
s: mark "Suggestive"
b: mark "Bad Language"
g: mark "Gruesome"
d: mark "Did not load" or any variation
m: mark "Non-adult" or "No Watermark" or "Unrelated"
u: mark "Unrelated"
w: mark "Watermark"
r: mark "Related"
z: toggle visibility of sidebar
1 or numpad1: Choose first caption/image
2 or numpad2: Choose second caption/image
`: switch "Related" and "unrelated"; persists
/: show these keycodes as a helpful alert
Press the enter key to submit!
Should make life go a little faster neh? I wrote this up quick, let me know if there are issues.

v2 changelog:
Pictures now align to the bottom until you're done, then pop up. Helps with both the unintentional cropping of the top part of the image, and also letting you know when you've finished so you can click submit!

v3 changelog:
You no longer have to click inside the div to get it to register (unless you click outside the div). Also, pressing "enter" will pop up an alert asking if you really want to submit...double enter = submit.

v3.2 changelog:
Updated the code so that now the selection will "wrap around" (when you get to the end, you'll start over). This was an annoyance for me because sometimes the last or second to last one needed a classification, but I'd skip past it and off the end of the list, meaning I would need to manually click it.
Also changed the help alert, which incorrectly listed [spacebar] for non-adult.

v3.3 changelog:
Code has been updated to support watermark hits as well. See above for new keys.

v3.4 changelog:
Sidebar can be hidden/shown with the 'z' key. This setting persists (stores in local storage).

v3.5 changelog:
Updated to be useful for those .07 adult content hits. Also added logic to ignore keypress events if it's not an RnR hit (the enter button thing was annoying me in other hits)

v3.6 changes:
v3.5 broke things...all the things o_O I think I fixed them. It works with the standard .05 hits now, there are no .07 hits to test it on (though it *should* work). I can't decide whether they changed the code on the .05 ones or not. I also made it a little more robust, no longer relying on an array of objects, rather calling based on the parent of the radio button.

v3.7 changes:
Updated to work for the related/unrelated to search results

v3.71 changes:
Fixed a bug with the related to search results HITs

v3.72 changes:
'u' key now sets to unrelated, as well as 'm'

v3.73 changes:
'`' key allows you to switch related and unrelated as default selection; persists across hits.

v3.74 changes:
Updated to work with the "choose the better caption" hits.

v3.75 changes:
Updated to work with the new "Find similar image" hits...same keybinds as better caption hits.

v3.76 changes:
Bug fixed with the new related/unrelated hits.

v4.0 changes:
Fixed to not use GM_get/setValue. I had done a shoddy workaround before, but apparently that broke, so I've updated to only use localStorage now. Thanks /u/Doctor_Turkleton on Reddit for the bug report and info required to fix it :)

Note 1: If you can't get it to recognize your keypresses, click inside the hit window (just not on an image).
Note 2: An image must be highlighted to mark it. Navigate using "n" and "p".
Note 3: Be sure to check the sidebar every now and then to see if there are any updated instructions.