(MAL) My Anime List Filter

This script filters your anime list by type (movie, TV, etc.), score, airing status, number of episodes and rating

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It's a slightly tweaked version of this script (mirror)
You can filter your anime list by type, score, status, number of episodes and rating
Only works for Classic Template

1.5.1 "Remove" type now works
1.5.2 Added "rating" filter (credit for this update goes to akarin-, via)
1.5.3 Position of the filters is now saved
1.5.4 Fixed initial position if there is no saved position; filters are now hidden if there is no corresponding column or airing anime; added "Music" type and "Not Yet Aired" status
1.5.5 Fixed unnecessary distorting of "status" filter when dragged close to the right edge
1.5.6 Fixed not working "Not Yet Aired" option
1.5.7 Converted "status" filter to checkboxes; state of the filters is now saved
1.5.8 Made compatible with MAL Custom Tags usercript (mirror)
1.5.9 Partially fixed falsely filtering anime as "Airing" (credit for this update goes to akarin-, via)
1.5.10 Completely fixed "status" filtering when corresponding words were present in tags or anime title; added button to reset filters; fixed cases when script could be not fully loaded; slight code improvements
1.5.11 Changed the way reset button looks (credit for this update goes to akarin-)
1.5.12-13 Fixed rating filter (credit for this fix goes to akarin-); placed button in a different position
1.5.14 Title input field was replaced with range; "progress" filters now work for all statuses and not only for "Completed"
1.5.15 Zero in "progress" range input field now filters series with unknown number of episodes
1.5.16 "-" in "progress" range now works, too
1.5.17 "status" filter stopped working after either one of the updates (1.5.11) or a change in MAL code, reverted; reworked "status" filters, filtration is now not performed needlessly in the case when all statuses are checked; reset button now should work slightly faster
1.5.18-19 Selectors stopped working after one of the updates (1.5.10), also improved its work a little; "progress" input field stopped working under some conditions (when all other filters have default values) after previous update
1.5.20 Changed "progress" filter to work with the number of episodes watched instead of the total number of episodes; updated description
1.5.21 Reverted and renamed "progress" filter, it works with the total number of episodes again; assigned reset button with a proper id (credit for this update goes to akarin)
1.5.22 Name change (credit for this update goes to akarin)
1.5.23 Reset button was not or stopped working, fixed
1.5.24 Some filters ("score" and "progress") were mistakenly hidden if "All Anime" was chosen; name change (restored the title used by the original author)
1.5.25 Score dropdown options were not working; added https://
1.5.26 Rating filter stopped working, fixed; name change