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Shows a log of the last 50 HITs that were previewed. This can aid you in saving a HIT to look at later, examining a HIT's contents after it has been submitted, contacting a requester, looking at turkopticon ratings, or sharing a HIT. MTurk Great HIT Export and mmmturkeybacon Color Coded Search with Checkpoints should execute after this script so they operate correctly on the page it generates. To see the last 50 HITs previewed visit:

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Many HITs display their contents in an iframe. This script makes the HIT's title a link to the iframe src. This can aid you in finding a lost survey link or reviewing the contents of a rejected HIT. To do this get the string of characters and numbers after "contact?subject=Regarding+Amazon+Mechanical+Turk+HIT+" in the contact link found on statusdetail pages and replace the hitId in the iframe src URL with this string. Please note this will only work to show you the contents of the specific HIT you are looking for only if the hitId is all that is needed to locate the contents on the server.

For example,
Replacing HIT_ID here will work to show that specific HIT:

Replacing HIT_ID here will not work because the directory "12345678/" is also used to find the HIT's contents and changes with every HIT: