Adds favicons next to Google search results. Also works for Ecosia, StartPage and Searx.

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Posted: 2016-08-26

Not displaying favicons if the first result of google's search has "sub-results" in it.

2 examples :
if you search for the word "facebook" - favicons are displayed only for the first result.

The script works fine if you search for not "too simple" search terms. Example search for - US elections media coverage

Thanks in advance.
Palemoon 26.4

Posted: 2016-09-18

You are correct!

Thanks for describing the steps to reproduce. I had noticed the bug many times but never made the connection to sub-results.

I will try to look at it sometime...

Posted: 2016-09-18

Thanx and good luck !

Posted: 2016-11-07

New version coming. Hopefully all working fine now. :)

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