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Request for Google Image search


First thanks for this brillant Userscript I use since many years.

Today I was looking for an image of a specific size with Google search only to see that Google removed many options rom the GUI of Image search few months ago:

Some options/filter are completely removed from the GUI and some other hidden deeply in this page:

The filter/option that I miss the most is the search by exact size that is no longer available anywhere. if I want to use it I need to manually write my query like flowers imagesize:150x100 so it only return flower images of 150x100 pixels.

Also if you could add back the other filter from it would be really convenient for advanced users

For the image size it could be a pop-up box where we can enter the size and the 5 last size could be remeberd via cookies on

Regards ! :)


Yes, this instrument of search is present (" imagesize:150x100") and may be embed in script on any button, for example on the unusable in the image search "..:..".

And more info about this:


As I checked, "isz:lt,islt:svga", "isz:lt,islt:vga" etc. (larger than) are works also.

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