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Review: Bad - script does not work


Don't work in the new(?) google search web style

Hello ,I like this extra button for Goolge search ,that's amazing function for me! thank you for your great job! Now I think there's some issues cause the button didn't work on my computer (Win10 /chrome 75 64bit /Tamper monkey ) I noticed that when I scroll down the web page of google search ,there's always the search bar on the top,it's different than before ever, if it's helpful

I dunno why I can't upload the pic ,sorry about that


Now I reload 74 to 75 version of chrome (Win7) and latest version 2019.1.11 works normally (2018.12 also). I use it in developer mode with load as unpacked extension (with file nanifest.json in the same folder).

In your variant script may not work due to: 1) TamperMonkey not supports in version 75 (check on any another sctipt); 2) previous installation of specifical extension may not give to start userscript (more often it present in Firefox and addon as NoScript (show comments lower); 3) in my region Google give old version, but in your region is newer; 4) any more...


The Google search box may have changed and I am happy to report that the search button still works Tested on:

  • MS Edge (dev) + Tampermonkey 4.8.41
  • Firefox 68b + Greasemonkey 4.9

@spmbt greetings in 2019 :)

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