Backspace Means Backspace

Prevents Back action on Backspace key

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I'm using this 'clickhappier-archive' account to post archival copies of old MTurk-related userscripts from (which is itself an archive of the defunct site and forum posts, which their authors or others haven't re-posted on Greasyfork yet. Some of these may no longer be all that interesting as more recent scripts may do what they do better, but some remain very useful.

This script was archived from (also available at )

Author: Andrew Pantyukhin aka infofarmer

Script Name: Backspace Means Backspace

Last update Apr 9, 2014 — Installed 13 times.

Script Summary: Prevents Back action on Backspace key.

Version: 0.1 [now 0.1.1 with small tweak]

Note from Clickhappier: Useful for turkers and non-turkers alike; if you've ever accidentally hit the backspace key when not in a text field and undesirably been sent back to your previous webpage, this is for you. In Firefox, there is a built-in config setting you can use instead that works fine. In Chrome, some people use the BackStop extension, but some people experience problems from that. An apparently-more-effective extension called BackspaceMeansBackspace by 'nollegcraft' aka 'playswithlife' was previously available in the Chrome Web Store and had tens of thousands of downloads, but disappeared from the Web Store several years ago. Now with Chrome's increased zealousness about disabling extensions not installed from the Web Store, the use of copies from other sources is increasingly impractical. So in an apparent case of parallel invention, both Andrew P. in April 2014 shortly before the demise of, and 'zants' in June 2014 with a nearly-identical result, came up with a userscript to replicate the functionality of the BackspaceMeansBackspace extension. Now here on Greasyfork for ease of finding/use, this is an archive of Andrew P.'s version, with the addition of a small tweak from 'zants's version.

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