перемещение по карте в один клик без коня

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Перемещение по карте в Heroes of War and Money с любым транспортом.
Скрипт генерирует ссылки для перемещения также как и флеш-карта.
Основан на одноименном скрипте xo4yxa.

Map traveling in Lords of War and Money with or without transport.
Script is generating links for movement just like flash map does.
Based on script hwmmapmove by xo4yxa.

Скрипт в работе/Script in action (Firefox 33 & Greasemonkey 2.3):

ded_moroz @ mail.com

3.0.4 12.02.2016
[*] Support for a new flash map (v. 564276110)

3.0.3 17.09.2015
[*] Support for a new flash map (v. 464276109)

3.0.2 14.07.2015
[*] Support for a new flash map (v. 634276108)
[*] Number of creatures shown in a hunt no longer overlaps "Settings" window.

3.0.1 05.04.2015
[*] Support for a new flash map (v. 423276106)

3.0 02.04.2015
[+] New feature: patrolling mode. Allows constantly moving between two locations.
[-] Removed transport selection (was used only to calculate traveling time) to simplify UI.
[*] Fixed paths from "Magma Mines" to "Crystal Garden" and "Ungovernable Steppe" (thanks to Алекс).
[*] Renamed "Port City" to "Harbor City"
[*] Performance improvements.

2.8 22.03.2015
[*] Support for lordswm.com
[*] Support for a new flash map (v. 423276104)
[*] Support Firefox 36

2.7 19.01.2015
[+] Support for multiple accounts played simultaneously.
[-] Removed ranger's settings.
[*] Support for a new flash map (v. 213276103)

2.6 31.12.2014
[*] Performance enhancements due to late map checks.
[*] Minor fixes when traveling with advanced transport.

2.5 30.12.2014
[+] Added optional stops on a hunt.
[-] Removed Russian names for locations.
[*] Fixed paths for several locations.

2.4 22.12.2014
[+] Added "Sublime Arbor" and its paths
[*] Added check for legal move prior generating link and moving
[*] Fixed some paths to "Wilderness"
[*] Traveling time calculated when path is highlighted.

2.3 18.12.2014
[+] Wise transport selection

2.2 17.12.2014
[+] Added "Wilderness" and its paths
[*] Renamed "Enemy Side" to "Crystal Garden"

[+] Original script made work without transport