Manga Loader (unmaintained)

Support for over 70 sites! Loads manga chapter into one page in a long strip format, supports switching chapters, minimal script with no dependencies, easy to implement new sites, loads quickly and works on mobile devices through bookmarklet

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Manga Loader code is now hosted on GitHub! Feel free to contribute manga site implementations directly there.


This scripts allows you to load entire chapters from manga sites in a long strip format (all images on one page).

It is very simple, lightweight and fast and it tries to do away with the bloat that many other similar scripts have.

Feel free to leave feedback requesting new sites, reporting bugs or suggesting new features.

When you reach a page that supports this userscript a button will appear with the text "Load Manga", click that to load the manga into the current page. You can also press Ctrl+, on your keyboard.

If you prefer that the userscript loads automatically whenever possible then enable autoload from the settings menu.

The script loads 10 images at a time (by default) and loads more as you scroll, you can make the script load all the images in the chapter at once by changing the load num setting to the word "all" or whatever number you like. Loading less pages at once is useful if you're experiencing broken images or browser slowdowns, especially when loading a manga with a lot of pages in it.

Manually reload an image that is misbehaving (loading unusually slowly, or stuck loading half way) by clicking the small refresh icon in the bottom right info/toolbar and then click on the image you would like to manually reload.

NOTE: This script only supports non-adult/SFW sites, for adult/NSFW use this.

Bookmarklet: If you would like to use the script as a bookmark that you can manually run whenever you like just copy the following code and create a bookmark out of it. Make sure that the javascript: part of the code is still there after pasting otherwise it will not work. This method also works for using the script on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. javascript:(function(){BM_MODE=true;document.body.appendChild(document.createElement('script')).src='';}())

Using the script on your phone or tablet

This video demonstrates using the script on an Android phone, but it should work on any mobile device including iPhones, iPads and other tablets/phones Mobile Bookmarklet Demo Video

Default Keybindings (configurable):

Z - previous chapter X - exit C - next chapter W - scroll up S - scroll down + - zoom in - - zoom out 0 - reset zoom

NEW in v1.7.x: You can now define custom CSS in the new settings panel (accessible through the gear icon at the bottom left). The CSS will be saved and reapplied each time the script loads. You can change the background color of the page, the width of the images and pretty much anything else.

NEW in v1.8.x: The settings menu introduced in v1.7.x now contains all settings including number of pages to load and whether or not to autoload. You can now set exactly how many pages to lazyload instead of choosing between all or 10.

You can also change the default keybindings in the settings panel. Just focus the corresponding textbox and press the key you'd like to assign.

NEW in v.1.10.x: CSS Profiles. Define multiple named css profiles you can switch between in the settings menu.

NEW in v1.11.x: Zooming. You can now zoom in and out of images using the +/-/0 (plus/minus/zero) keys (configurable).

How to get to the menu options for this script

Click the gear icon at the bottom right of the screen while the script is active.


See a summary of changes for each new version of the script here.

Supported Sites



Pending Site Requests

Sites that people have requested implementations for that I haven't gotten around to adding yet and/or sites that I intend to add in the future.

Foolslide Site Requests