JR zing receipt helper for mturk.com

A script for zings with buttons to make it easier to submit and allows keyboard shortcuts.

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Zing receipt helper with buttons and keyboard shortcuts

Version 0.8 - Typo fixed.

This script will hide the instructions but you can click on the instruction text to show the full instructions again. You will see 2 buttons at the top of the receipts for easy access. If the receipts are different then click on the first button. If they are the same then click on the second button. Once you push a button it will fill in the bottom radio buttons and submit the hit if you checked the checkbox called submit after. By default it will not submit after so you have to press the submit button or press enter after the submit button gets focused. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to make it easier. Keyboard shortcuts follow the submit after setting so be careful. Pressing n or 1 will select the no option. Pressing y or 2 will select the yes option. Then you can press enter to submit the hit or click the submit button if the submit after option is off.

Version 0.6 - Fixes for chrome.

Version 0.6 - Added a setting checkbox to submit after button pressed. It is turned off by default and saved.

Version 0.5 - Added buttons at top. Allows keypad numbers to work. Hides the instructions at top.