RSS+Atom Feed Subscribe Button Generator

Finds RSS and/or Atom links on a page and inserts feed subscription links for use by aggregators

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Finds RSS and/or Atom links on a page and inserts feed subscription links for use by aggregators.

Version: 2.5

Note: Chrome, Opera and IE7Pro compatible except link tags injection only works in Firefox and Opera due to non-firefox platform limitations/differences.

IE7Pro bundles an older version of this script by default.


Version 2.5

  • New home at
  • Removed auto-update code

Version 2.4 - Constrained container background and border

Version 2.3 - Constrained button dimensions some more

Version 2.2 - Constrained button dimensions

Version 2.1 - Fixed Content Security Policy issues

Version 2.0

  • 'more' button was broken for me
  • some javascript lint cleanup
  • Lighter icons by simon!

Version 1.9 - Fixed invalid update metadata

Version 1.8 - Layout fix on etc.

Version 1.7 - Minor layout fix on

Version 1.6 - Insert discovered link tags in header for the browser's detection to list them too

Version 1.5

  • Added license info
  • Added checks for feeds like &feed=rss or &feed=atom and some case insensitivity

Version 1.4 - Made the feed check slightly more stringent by excluding javascript: mailto: etc. urls

Version 1.3 - Reduce the number of button shown initially to a sane minimum

Version 1.2

  • Fixed partially broken auto update.
  • Don't increase the install count on while checking for updates

Version 1.1 - Misc code cleanup

Version 1.0 - Added auto update without requiring an external script

Version 0.9 - Added a close button

Version 0.8 - Checks some wiki feeds with ?action=rss_rc and feeds with /rss/$ or /atom/$

Version 0.7 - Check for feedburner feeds

Version 0.6 - Fixed a major issue with using snapshotLength when it was not available

Version 0.5 - Updated contact info

Version 0.4 - Added optional auto-update facility

Version 0.3 - Added some speed optimizations

Version 0.2

  • Merged Iain Brodfoot's floating div behaviour and removed links
  • Allow revert to old behaviour by hand editing this script

Version 0.1 - First release