IRC Export (reformatted output mod)

Export HIT information for IRC chat

As of 2014-11-03 23:58:40 UTC. See the latest version.

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Cristo made a nice script a while back to copy a HIT's info in a format more convenient for posting in MTurk-related IRC chat rooms. It adds a button labeled 'IRC' next to each HIT title in an MTurk search results list, just like the 'VB' button added by the forum export script Great HIT Export. Note that GHE opens a display showing what you're copying and then you have to press ctrl+c yourself; the IRC export script just copies the information to your clipboard directly after you click its button, and you should go paste it somewhere to see it.

I had some suggestions about the formatting that weren't implemented, so I made a modified version some time ago. I've now updated mine to include features he added later, and also included the fix for the TO mirror server changing URLs on Oct 27, 2014 (without that, his currently no longer works at all).

I originally made a modified version to make the output look something like this (though that earlier version had the direct links rather than shortened ones):
< yournickhere > Requester: Daniel Leffel • HIT: Crop a photo • TO: Pay=2.9 Fair=3.9 Comm=2.5 • Pay: $0.01
instead of something like this:
< yournickhere > Daniel Leffel <>
< yournickhere > HIT: Crop a photo <>
< yournickhere > P(2.9)-F(3.9)-C(2.5) <>
< yournickhere > $0.01
(imagine several of those in a row, running together)

In the current 3.0/3.0c version, mine makes output look like this:
< yournickhere > MASTERS • Requester: Daniel Leffel • HIT: Crop a photo • Pay: $0.01 • Avail: 8 • Time Limit: 15 minutes • TO: Pay=2.9 Fair=3.9 Comm=2.5
instead of this:
< yournickhere > MASTERS
< yournickhere > Daniel Leffel <> HIT: Crop a photo <> P(2.9)-F(3.9)-C(2.5) <> Pay $0.01 <> Available 8 <> Time 15 minutes
Mine also currently omits the first label on non-masters HITs instead of saying 'Regular'.