IRC Export (reformatted output mod)

Export HIT information for IRC chat

As of 2015-02-13 22:26:40 UTC. See the latest version.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v3.10.1c - TO server sequence swap due to protracted mirror downtime
  • v3.10c - implemented use of the faster bulk-shorten feature that Tjololo added to his URL-shortening server
  • v3.9.1c - adjustment to ns4t code
  • v3.9c - modifications to handle Amazon's 7/20/2015 removal of requester ID and HITs Available data when logged out, and reworked a lot of code readability
  • v3.8c
  • v3.8c - on 6/2/2015, Amazon screwed with stuff that messed up exporting HITs you don't qualify for; this update fixes that
  • v3.7c - added previewandaccept (PandA) link at end of export, and adjusted URL-shortening server order since is no longer viable since surpassing apparent undocumented per-domain limits months ago
  • v3.6c - added error handling so script shouldn't hang when servers are unreachable, and failover to main TO server when mirror is down
  • v3.5c
  • v3.5c - compatibility improvements: this script can be used with 'mmmturkeybacon Last HITs Previewed', if 'Last HITs Previewed' comes first in your execution order
  • v3.4.1c - https enabled on
  • v3.4c - changes to URL shortening service fallbacks, and now displays a dialog box to (re-)copy the text from yourself (like Great HIT Export does)
  • v3.3c - url shortening function now has automatic failover to when doesn't work, and adds a small delay to make that happen less often; when neither of them work, substitute '(x)' and append full preview link
  • v3.2c - handling of logged-out usage (note: some HITs have no way to get a preview link when logged out, so the requester link is substituted on those)
  • v3.1c - handling of 'notqualified' links
  • v3.0c