- Enemy Ship List Plugin

NU dashboard plugin which tracks and lists all ships ever seen. The plugin automatically updates the list and let's you gather information on the enemy fleet.

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This is a game client plugin for It adds an additional tab to the dashboard and takes care of keeping track of all enemy ships ever seen. It also allows to enter new ships or delete ships.

Best used together with lord helmet's script " - load your owned ships in simulator" found at .

More detail can be found on

Change log:
1.39 Updated include for new URL [2018-12-22]
1.38 Updated to recent changes in mobile client [2018-12-22]
1.37 Fixed check for mobile client to use version number [2018-12-15]
1.36 Started adaptation for new mobile client version. [2018-10-24]
1.35 Adapted showInfo function to always call the original client function and then modify the result. This will prevent overwriting info from future changes (such as wormhole info). [2017-10-31]
1.34 Added support for games with accelerated start [2015-05-06]
1.33 Added support for the sphere addon [2014-12-25]
1.32 Fixed a small bug with unowned ships [2014-12-10]
1.31 Fixed a bug with shared intel [2014-11-21]
1.3 Added support for soft ship limit (PP games) [2014-11-19]
1.21 Added hover text for the starmap (code by 'hugh42', Thanks!) [2014-10-24]
1.20 Moved from to [2014-10-24]
1.19 Allow for ship limits other than 500 [2014-07-07]
1.18 Moved from to [2014-05-30]
1.17 Colored map tools entry. [2014-04-26]
1.16 Fixed game names not showing up in 'storage stats' [2014-03-19]
1.15 Storage stats now include more game details. [2014-02-20]
1.13 In case of insufficient memory, a popup will alert the user, but play will not be interrupted [2014-02-20]
1.12 Added a storage tab which allows to clear plugin data for all or individual games from browser storage [2014-02-20]
1.11 Plugin is disabled by default to prevent all games from creating entries in browser storage [2014-02-19]
1.10 Fixed bug such that capitalships without weapons are recognized as freigthers [2014-02-03]
1.09 Added screen clearing on 'x' [2014-02-03]
1.08 Added display functionality for enemy ship locations on the starmap [2014-02-03]
1.07 Fixed a bug which blocked 'Other players' tab. Tab selection persistent after exit. [2014-01-26]
1.06 Added VCR (no ALLY VCRs) and combat message support [2014-01-25]
1.05 Added 'intel summary' panel [2014-01-12]
1.04 Fixed minor things. [2013-08-05]
1.03 Added damage and crew to ship properties. Added code to prevent list reset when rebuild fails on time machine load error. [2013-08-04]
1.02 Fixed a bug which carrier data over into other games [2013-07-15]
1.01 Fixed the include paths [2013-07-14]
1.0 Release first full version [2013-07-14]
0.9 Initial beta release [2013-07-10]