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It's a slightly edited version of this script (mirror)

1.0.4 Works on more pages; rearranged BBCodes
1.0.5 Code revision (removed "match" declarations)
1.0.6 Added [URL] button where you insert name of the URL instead of link
1.0.7 Excluded from Advanced Style CSS Editor
1.0.8 Options to select colour and size are now reset after being used (I did a workaround previously by duplicating every colour option, reverted it now)
1.0.9 Added options to enter specific font size, colour name or hex value; youtube ID is now properly parsed from https:// links
1.0.10 Fixed an issue that could remove part of the text; cursor is now returned to the input box
1.0.11 Changed position where cursor is returned
1.0.12 Selection is now restored if you click "cancel" for some BBCodes (selection direction gets lost, though)
1.0.13 Included User's Comments page
1.0.14 Included comment edits and quick comment replies
1.0.15 [URL] and [URL=] buttons are merged back into one: now it's inserted as either URL or description based on what you enter
1.0.16 Selection direction is not lost when you click "cancel" for some BBCodes
1.0.17 Added to comments field when you add or edit anime or manga
1.0.18 Added to pages where you add anime and manga to Database
1.0.19 Added to people pages
1.0.20 Added back to PMs where it was broken by one of the updates (1.0.14)
1.0.21 Fixing bug from one of updates (1.0.18) which caused buttons to be added infinitely on some pages
1.0.22 Added to Friend Request's personal message
1.0.23 [IMG] BBCode now wraps selected text if you don't enter anything in the pop-up
1.0.24 URL is now properly parsed if you don't enter anything but it's in selected text; cursor after using [IMG] is now placed after closing tag even if there is no selected text; added two new image buttons for [img align=left] and [img align=right] BBCodes
1.0.25 BBCode stopped being added in replies to comments after recent update in MAL code (presumably), hopefully fixed
1.0.26 Same as above, but for edits
1.0.27 Added to blog comments
1.0.28 Merged [Quote=] and [Quote] buttons, since I considered that having two of them is excessive. If you don't input anything when prompted, equal sign is not added
1.0.29 Added alternative links for topics
1.0.30 Was not added to edits on User's Comments except if reply was to the first comment, fixed
1.0.31 BBCodes where always added to the first text area no matter how many comments and replies were being edited
1.0.32 Added back to pages where you add or edit anime or manga where it was broken by one of the updates (1.0.20)
1.0.33 Youtube ID is now parsed even if the link does not contain "www." part
1.0.34 Re-added quick comment replies on the profile after the last design update
1.0.35 Added ability to make a named [spoiler] BBCode
1.0.36 Slight internal change in [URL] BBCode
1.0.37 Accommodated to last changes in MAL code
1.0.38 Dropdown menus did not work properly in Chrome
1.0.39 Size BBCode's minimum and maximum sizes apparently had changed in one of MAL's updates
1.0.40 Accommodated to MAL's update in profile comments replies
1.0.41 Made compatible with an extension called "Grammarly"
1.0.42 Works for "Quick Edit" right after posting a Quick Reply without a need to reload a page
1.0.43 Accommodated to last changes in MAL code
1.0.44 Further accommodated to changes in MAL code; small styling change
1.0.45 This script has become partially redundant due to the latest update in MAL that added native BBCode editor; there are, however, still some places left where this script still might be needed. As such, I've added a simple check that disables this script if the native editor is present, but leaves it enabled otherwise