MAL Voice Actor Filter

This script filters voice actor: "Voice Acting Roles" and anime staff: "Anime Staff Positions" by your anime list entries

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It's a slightly edited version of this script (mirror). Some bits of code were taken from this script (mirror)

1.2.1 Includes Anime Staff Positions. Works even if there are no Voice Acting Roles
1.2.2 Merges staff positions in the same anime series
1.2.3-5 Hides "Plan to Watch" entries
1.2.6-7 Adapted to recent change in MAL code
1.2.8 Hides "Plan to Watch" entries instead of displaying it along other anime from your list with that character
1.2.9 Added required permission for making queries
1.2.10 Changed the way checkbox is saved, which should work faster in theory
1.2.11 Adapted to recent change in MAL code
1.2.12 Was not working when creator had no Voice Acting Roles in your list, despite having Anime Staff Positions; the userscript started conflicting with some other userscripts after update 1.2.10, fixed
1.2.13 The roles where the first anime had a "Plan to Watch" status were mistakenly hidden, even if there were other anime in your list with that character
1.2.14 Unnecessary new lines were added after first merged staff if there were more than two, most probably after a recent change in MAL code
1.2.15 Added https://
1.2.16 Adapted to recent change in MAL code Temporarily disabled "Plan to Watch" filtering to adapt to last changes in firefox

Fix "Plan to Watch" filtering (and make optional)