Collect TB-Codes from TB Listing

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This is a short Script for and especially for those who want to set up a Trackable Database in GSAK.

What it does?

It collects all of your ever logged Trackables TB-Codes
if you use it correct.

What it not does?

Collect those Codes automatically!

How does it work?

You simply have to visit all of your ever logged TB-Detail-Pages.

Visit Your Trackables Page

There you can find a grey box on top right corner.

It says:

"List trackable items you own or have found."

Click on "have found" and visit every Item Page in the generated List.

This can be much Work if you have aleady a big amount of logged Trackables.

If you visit the Item Page my Script will add the specific Tb-Code to a List
and Display the complete List on each Item Page you will visit.

But be careful!
It simply adds all Tb-Codes when a Detail Page is opened.
So it will add a TB Code too when you are goint to watch a TB page you didnt log.

My Tip for this:

  1. Install the Script once
  2. Run over all your logged Trackables
  3. Clear the Array in Greasemonkey Menu (Tampermonkey if you user Chrome)
  4. Deactivate the Scriptuntill you need it again.
Special Thanks to Heinz.
I've adopted the Script from him and he gave me the Ok for going on with it.