Show Udemy Time Remaining

Gets time remaining for any modules in a Udemy course

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Setup Instructions


Before using the "Show Udemy Time Remaining" UserScript, ensure you have a UserScript manager like Tampermonkey installed in your browser. This script is designed to run on Udemy course pages, specifically within the 'overview' or 'About this course' section. (see screenshot)

Steps to Install and Use the Script

  1. UserScript Manager: First, if you haven't already, install a UserScript manager extension such as Tampermonkey on your browser.
  2. Script Installation: Visit the "Show Udemy Time Remaining" script page on GreasyFork and click on "Install this script." Follow the on-screen instructions provided by Tampermonkey to complete the script installation.
  3. Navigating to the Course: Open your browser and navigate to the Udemy course you are enrolled in or interested in. Ensure you are on the course overview page; the URL should contain '#overview', or you should be on the page titled 'About this course'.
  4. Activating the Script:
    • The script will automatically add "Remaining Time," "Expand All," and "Collapse All" buttons to the page if you're in the correct section.
    • Use the "Expand All" button to open all course sections. This step is necessary because the script calculates remaining time based on visible section content.
    • After expanding the sections, click the "Remaining Time" button to calculate and display the estimated time needed to complete the unwatched portions of the course.
    • You can tidy up the interface by using the "Collapse All" button once you've viewed the remaining time.
    • If the script does not activate automatically, you can manually trigger it via the Tampermonkey menu by selecting "Activate Udemy Time Tracker."


If you encounter any issues during installation or while using the script, ensure that:

  • You are using a compatible web browser with the Tampermonkey extension installed.
  • You are on the correct Udemy course page ('overview' or 'About this course' section).

For further assistance, feedback, or suggestions, feel free to reach out through the script's discussion section on GreasyFork or contribute directly to the GitHub repository linked on the script's GreasyFork page.