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/!\ Attention Opera GX users /!\

Opera GX have some security which will stop the script from sending the mods to Vortex.
Please use an other browser
Here is some browser that I tested which seems to not have this issue : Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Brave

Installing a collection of mods as a free user on Nexus can be very exhausting, especially when dealing with a collection consisting of hundreds of mods.

This script adds a button to the mods tab of a collection, allowing you to initiate the download of all the mods with just one click. The mods are seamlessly transferred to Vortex, and you simply need to wait ;)

If you happen to face an issue with the script, please send feedback describing your issue and the collection you are having a problem with.


  • Disable your Adblock on the Nexusmods website to download faster.
    When Adblock is enabled, you are capped at only 1.5mb/s download speed, and at 3mb/s with Adblock disabled.
    To ensure that Nexusmods is considering you as a non-Adblocker user, go to the download page of any mod, and you should see the message "Download speeds 3MB" instead of 1.5mb/s.
    More information here:

  • The user @florbloe gave feedback with a few parameters to modify in Vortex to have a smoother experience with this way of adding a collection.

    Here is his recommendation:

One thing to do before using the install all button is to turn off the following settings in Vortex:

  • Install mods when downloaded (Settings > Interface > Automation > Install mods when downloaded)
  • Enable Mods when installed (in current profile) (Settings > Interface > Automation > Enable Mods when installed (in current profile))

When all the mods are downloaded, add the collection to Vortex and let it do the installation of mods for you, and download any mods that are eventually missed by Vortex.

  • Another recommendation, provided by @DrPotato420 in his feedback is to disable the setting Bring Vortex to foreground when starting a download in browser (Settings > Interface > Customisation > Bring Vortex to foreground when starting a download in browser)
    Because it will keep bringing Vortex to the foreground for every mod and prevent you from using your computer during the process of downloading the collection.


You can also select your self the mods you want to download


Thank you all for the feedback you give me, it's not always simple to figure out why some issues appear on your side but I try my best to provide assistance.

A special shout-out to @StrangeT for his script Nexus No Wait, from which I borrowed the method for the download process.