Filters and hides YIFY releases on The Pirate Bay to assuage HD primadonnas. Row visibility can be toggled. Filtering is bypassed when search terms include "YIFY".

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  • The purpose of this script is to hide YIFY uploads on The Pirate Bay. There is a small but very vocal community of HD purists that complain about YIFY's use of the heavy compression, the very small file sizes of which has made their releases the de facto source of HD rips to the general downloading public. This and similar functions should really be a native feature of TPB itself, but alas.
  • The visibility of the filtered rows can be toggled using the button injected into the right side of the h2 element that appears under the search form.
  • Filtering is only done on pages that are relevant to the filter.
    • In this case the filter is only applied to items within the video category.
  • Filtering is bypassed when a search term includes "YIFY".

Since we don't have access to the server-side script that handles pagination, you'll likely see pages that show only a handful of items and are still divided as if they were populated normally (the number of pages will remain as they were pre-filter despite having fewer results). This is very obvious when filtering YIFY as their releases populate pretty much the entire HD - Movies category. I'm trying to come up with a solution to this that will work within the userscript, though, so fingers crossed.

I'll try to keep this script up-to-date if he ever tries to render the filter ineffective (such as changing his username) and add filters for similarly worthless users should I ever encounter them. Feel free to let me know if there are similar users you encounter that you'd like to see filtered as well and I will add them to the script.

Also, this script should work just fine after being installed as a native Chrome extension. Let me know if you try to do this and run into problems.