Hide FileSick

Filters and hides FileSick's pointless uploads on The Pirate Bay with the ability to toggle their visibility. Filtering is bypassed when a search term includes "FileSick".

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  • The purpose of this script is to hide all of the redundant and unnecessary uploads on The Pirate Bay from the user(s) FileSick.
  • The visibility of the filtered rows can be toggled using the button injected into the right side of the h2 element that appears under the search form.
  • Filtering is only done on pages that are relevant to the filter.
    • In this case the filter is only applied to items within the applications category.
  • Filtering is bypassed when a search term includes "FileSick".

Since we don't have access to the server-side script that handles pagination, you'll likely see pages that show only a handful of items and are still divided as if they were populated normally (the number of pages will remain as they were pre-filter despite having fewer results). I'm trying to come up with a solution to this that will work within the userscript, though, so fingers crossed.

I'll try to keep this script up-to-date if he ever tries to render the filter ineffective (such as changing his username) and add filters for similarly worthless users should I ever encounter them. Feel free to let me know if there are similar users you encounter that you'd like to see filtered as well and I will add them to the script.

Also, this script should work just fine after being installed as a native Chrome extension. Oh, and there's a Firefox native version, as well. (The Firefox version was rejected because I forgot innerHTML-based injections were against the rules, so once I'm not so lazy I'll fix it and resubmit it.