FPS Booster [Sploop.io, Moomoo.io and other] (if you want me to add sites, dm me)

Improve MooMoo.io FPS performance.(if you want me to add sites, dm me)

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Description :
This UserScript was created to improve FPS (frames per second) performance in online games MooMoo.io, Sploop.io, Taming.io or others but also in other websites. It uses the requestAnimationFrame API to optimize the game's graphics rendering by targeting a specific refresh rate. The main goal is to provide a smoother gaming experience by dynamically adjusting the refresh rate to maintain optimal performance.

Installation instructions:

Make sure a user script manager is installed in your browser. If you don't have one, you can use extensions like Tampermonkey (for Chrome) or Greasemonkey (for Firefox).

Copy the code from the script you shared earlier.

Open the User Script Manager in your browser.

Create a new script by clicking the appropriate option in the Script Manager.

Paste the previously copied code into the script editor.

Save the script with a suitable name, such as "MooMoo.io FPS Booster".

The script should now run automatically when you visit sites, improving the game's FPS performance.

Instructions for disabling or removing the script:
If you want to disable or delete the script at any time, follow these steps:

Go to your User Script Manager.

Find the “MooMoo.io FPS Booster” script in the list of installed scripts.

To disable it, simply disable the script by clicking on an appropriate option in the manager.

To remove it, look for a remove or uninstall option in the script manager.
(if you want me to add sites, dm me)