Greasy Fork++

Adds various features and improves the Greasy Fork experience

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Greasy Fork++

Please make sure you install the script from, not fake sites.

GreasyFork++ GreasyFork

  • This Userscript is based on Greasy Fork+ v2.0.6
  • The aim of creating this userscript is to resolve all outstanding issues since the last update on 2022.07.09 made by iFelix18

Credit to iFelix18 GitHub


Greasy Fork+:

  • Hide blacklisted scripts (press Ctrl + Alt + B to show again), based on one or more of the following lists:
    • Non-Latin: This list blocks all scripts with non-Latin characters in the title/description
    • Blacklist: A "non-opinionable" list that blocks all scripts with emoji in the title/description, references to "bots", "cheats" and some online game sites, and other "bullshit"
    • Custom Blacklist: Personal blacklist defined by a set of unwanted words
  • Add a button to hide the script (press Ctrl + Alt + H to show again)
  • Add a button to install the script directly, which shows the version of the script, and which changes dynamically according to your version, if any, already installed (dynamic changes only work if you are using Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey)
  • Shows the number of daily and total installations on the user profile
  • Get notified whenever your total installs got over one of your set milestones

Greasy Fork++:

  • those install buttons added by Greasy Fork++ is no-cache
  • refresh install button label after clicking
  • UI improvement for library script page
  • click to select library script @require url
  • changed install button to copy url button for library (reference script)
  • Show counting of additional info in script update textarea
  • UI improvement to Greasy Fork Enhance - Flat Layout

Major Changes in 3.0.0

  • Disabled NonLatin by default. This totally affects non-English users to use this script at the first time.
  • Removed the dependency of jQuery
    • (this is insane to use jQuery and async await on the same time!)
  • Removed the GM_setValue and GM_getValue which are totally unused and obsoleted.
  • Avoid too many network requests sending to in a batch
    • (previously, it made the server response 503)
  • Forced Cache to make the add install button much faster to show on the page.
    • (it shall update if the user click on the install button, but right now just do like this)
  • Added a checker to delete invalid stored values
  • Upgraded dependency @violentmonkey/shortcut to 1.3.0
  • Added white-space:nowrap to block button (to avoid long script name split the button icon and button text)
  • Added some error checking

3.0.1 ~ 3.0.11

  • Bug Fix & Code Tidy Up
  • Added Language Support - Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Upgraded dependency @sizzlemctwizzle/GM_config to 2023.06.04
  • Minor Adjustment on Setting Popup Styles
  • Fixed Shortcut keys for MacOS
  • Added firstUse to show the settings dialog when the user first installs the script.

3.1.0 ~ 3.1.4

  • Fixed @inject-into to content. This is incorrect since Greasy Fork+ 1.0.0.
  • Fixed the incorrect RegExp strings
  • Fixed the incorrect css rules

3.2.0 ~ 3.2.8

  • Bug Fix & Performance Enhance

3.2.9 ~ 3.2.28

  • Update to VM.shortcut@1.4.0+
  • Added Length Hint for Additional Info TextArea

3.2.29 ~ 3.2.34

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