Atcoder Better!

A Tampermonkey script for AtCoder that enhances functionality and interface.

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AtCoder Better!🎈

This is a Tampermonkey script designed to enhance your experience on the AtCoder website.

By adding a number of useful features and improving the website interface and user interaction, it will make your path to programming competitions more efficient and convenient.

Write ahead:Feedback Notes

If you have problems, please go to Github issues or feedback page feedback.

Please provide a detailed description of the problem, e.g.:link, screenshots, desired results, actual results, reproduction……

Friendly discussions as well as feature suggestions are welcome, but it is not the author's obligation to maintain the script and provide help, thank you for your understanding.

Key Features

Installing the script gives you:

  • Dark Mode Support:Add dark mode to your website and brush up at night without hurting your eyes.
  • Website Localization:replaces the main text of the website with the language of your choice.
  • Title Translation:One-click translation of titles into the target language while ensuring that LaTeX formulas are not corrupted.
  • Clist Rating Score:displays the Clist Rating score data for the topic.
  • Code Editor:Integrates Monaco Code Editor at the bottom of the topic page, which supports auto-save, quick submit, online test run and more.
  • Quick Jump:One-click jump to the corresponding page for this question in Rock Valley, VJudge.
  • Some other small features……


Click on the "Atcoder Better!" settings button in the upper right corner of the entire page to open the settings panel.

Help text is provided for most functions and can be viewed by hovering over the "? icon" to view it.

Using Documents

For more details and instructions, visit the Github Wiki page at.


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Script Manager

Only Tampermonkey script manager is supported.

How to contribute

If you have any ideas or feature requests, feel free to head over to Github to create PRs or Issues.

(express) thanks

Thank you guys, 0rz.