Custom Google Homepage with Timer and Guess the Number

Customize the Google homepage by adding buttons, a color changer feature, social media buttons, a timer, and a Guess the Number game.

This script can now be used on these sites - Global version (United States) - United Kingdom - Canada - France - Germany - Italy - Spain - Sweden - Netherlands - Norway - Denmark - Finland - Belgium - Switzerland - Austria - Russia - Brazil - Mexico - Argentina - Japan - South Korea - Australia - Hong Kong - India - Indonesia - Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand - Philippines - Vietnam - Saudi Arabia - United Arab Emirates - Israel - Turkey - South Africa
You can: Change the background
Access social media's easily
Use a timer (Note: the pause button will reset the timer when starting)
Play guess the number (Note: you must scroll down to see if you win)
One last thing this script is recommended to be used on 1920x1080 resolution

Please use in english for social media buttons or it will break the script